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We co-ordinated and promoted the first agreement of co-operation and commercial inter-exchange between CCIOC – Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai – and CONFCOMMERCIO of Rome.


To Shanghai Agreement we followed organizing an initiative – SINITALY Italia Cina diffusione – which on concrete base gave Italian entrepreneurs in clothing field the possibility of starting important trade relations with one of the main government economic body of Shanghai and China, the Hua Lian Co. which holds 5 trade centres and over 300 Supermarkets.


We co-ordinated logistic parts of the official visit of the entrepreneurs’ delegation following the Mayor of Rome to the Municipality and Chamber of Commerce of Peking, from last 9 to 13 January .
We promoted a collaboration agreement, similar to the one of Shanghai in ’97, between the CCPIT – Chinese Chamber of International Commerce of Peking – and CONFCOMMERCIO of Rome.
We signed important agreements of co-operation within main fair bodies both in Peking and in Shanghai to organize exposition areas dedicated to Italian enterprises inside Permanent Exposition Centres and main Fairs of different fields - Clothing, New Technologies, Building, etc. …- which will happen during years 1999 and 2000.

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Our customers reached important economic and commerce agreement among which there are:

Opening of shops in main shopping centres of Shanghai,
Products and service sale in China for about 2.000.000 USD,
Openings of shops in franchising in China with consequent obligation of buying Italian products for about 1.000.000 USD each year per shop,
Manufacture and first good import from China for about 6.000.000 USD,
Joint venture agreements with main Chinese companies

Considering the success of ’98 edition in Shanghai we arranged the remake of the commerce initiative – SINITALY Italia Cina diffusione – with the Hua Lian Co. Of Shanghai and a similar initiative with the Wuhan Slove Word Prade Building of Wuhan ( town with 8.000.000 inhabitants), first Trade Centre per profitability of the whole China, one of the first ten per billing.

These initiatives are this way organized:

From next May to July commerce managers of the two Trade Centres will come to Rome to select companies and products more suitable for Chinese market;
Selection will be followed by a supplying agreement (sale) from Italian enterprises directly to the two Trade Centres;
From October to December last Italian companies will be presented on the Chinese market and their products sold directly to people in the Trade Centres, in a Made in Italy dedicated Area – SINITALY Italia Cina diffusione so called.

Companies which want only to promote and check the Chinese market can take part too.

Thanks to this kind of initiative our customers promote theirselves in China and more they sell their products directly to main trade centres starting commerce dealings of absolute relevance.

Already programmed initiatives for 1999

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